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21 Brilliant Products Make Your Travel With Dog Super Easy (That Will Turn Your World Upside Down)

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If you are a travel geek who owns pets and loves to travel a lot, things might get a touch uneasy when you have to take your pets along with you. Pets such as dogs love to travel but it is handy to have some gadgets with you as dog car travel solutions to cope with your pet’s needs while traveling. Here is a list of 21 brilliant products that will make your travel trip with your dog hassle-free and comfortable.

Petnet Automatic Pet Feeder

Traveling is hectic and automatically your responsibilities are doubled with a pet. So, there are times when you won’t be around to feed your dog on time. This is where Petnet Automatic Pet Feeder comes into play. Using it, you can schedule the dog’s meal using your smartphone. You can even do portioning of the meals. The feeder comes with a stainless-steel bowl and a food level sensor. You will receive the notifications when your pet will feed. Storing 7 pounds of food and a rechargeable battery make this pet feeder an ultimate dog travel car solution.


PetSafe Microchip Doggy Smart Door

Smart Door is a must-have thing if you have a pet in your house. You cannot walk around with it every time it has to go out for bathroom or playing. PetSafe Microchip Doggy Smart Door is an ultimate solution which works using the radio frequency waves. It comes with a kit that has up to 5 Smart Keys and a pet with a smart key can cross the door only. So you can easily shut down the entry of intruders into your house or backyard. It is operated using a 3-D cell battery and has 3 modes while working: Automatic, Locked and Unlocked.



Portable Indoor Pet Potty

PetSafe Portable Pet Potty is a very handy tool that can be used while you are traveling or away from home. The gadget comes with a tray which has a drainage system and a spongy pee pad that immediately soaks up the urine and turns it into a sort of gel in order to suppress the odor. You can use it while traveling or keep it at home. There will be no wet paws and no mess anywhere when you will be gone. Your relatives don’t have to check on your pet as well so this tool is hassle-free.



Bingpet Dog Saddlebag

Bingpet Dog Saddlebag is an ultimate dog car travel solution if the dog is going on a hiking trip, picnic or holidays with its owner. The saddlebag almost carries everything from food to clothing, snacks to water so you don’t have to go into the turmoil of packing for your pet. It is made of nylon and has a very sturdy and durable design. As it is a sort of backpack, dogs love to carry them on their own as well.



Dog Travel Bag by Overland Dog Gear

If you do air travel a lot with your pet, you will understand that there is a dire need for a dog travel bag that could accommodate almost everything while meeting the airline’s travel requirements. It comes with an ID tag that is very convenient while traveling. As far as the interior is concerned, the bag has two 5 cup collapsible bowls for feeding the dog. A built-in placemat is an added luxury along with the zippered pockets for extra storage and 30 cups of dog food and treats.



Premium Dog Carrier by Pawfect Pets

Every dog needs a dog carrier for a comfortable and hassle-free flight. Premium Dog Carrier by Pawfect Pets is an ultimate traveling companion as it is made of a durable mesh along with the fleece covering the interior. This allows having proper room and airflow for the dog. The carrier is light in weight and portable as well so you can easily fit it under your airplane’s seat. The fleece pads can be removed and washed so there are no chances of bad odor or infection to the dog. It allows easy entry and exit due to the fact that it can be opened from both sides.



Rolling Luggage Carrier Backpack by Harbo

If you don’t want to carry a bag on your shoulder all day, Rolling Luggage Carrier Backpack by Harbo can be your option as it is perfect for hiking, traveling and flying. It comes with wheels so you can drag it around. The bag straps allow carrying it on your back as well. The carrier is made of durable mesh, contains two side pockets for extra storage options as well. The mesh window allows having proper ventilation for the dog while moving around.



Traveling can be pretty hectic if you are carrying a pet along with you. You have to make sure that their things are organized and easily approachable at the time of need. Wag’nRide Doggie Car Organizer is a sort of a bag that could be attached to the back of your car seat or airplane seat. It is made of heavy-duty polyester and has numerous compartments for easy access to food, toys, poo bags and other treats. Th3 3 side pouches and 24 cups of food accommodating abilities make it an ultimate dog car travel solution.



Waterproof Dog Car Bed

Pets sometimes adjust pretty roughly with traveling. If you are traveling with your pet alone, the backseat of the car will be his accommodation. So don’t expect a freshly smelling backseat after a long trip. There comes the need of Waterproof Dog Car Bed which is made of nylon. You can fit it in the backseat where your pet will stay. He can snuggle, move around, sleep and do whatever he likes but the backseats will not be harmed by his claws. The waterproof car bed can be washed and reused. It is a very handy tool for traveling



HomeoPet Travel Anxiety Relief Natural Homeopathic Remedy

Some dogs do not adjust to traveling as well as the other ones. They get panic attacks accompanied by crying, whining, yelping, and howling. Motion sickness and deliberate pooping are also common. HomeoPet Travel Anxiety Relief Natural Homeopathic Remedy allows releasing the anxiety and stress and soothes the nerves. It has natural substances such as colchicum, valerian, borax, Cocculus, and passiflora that depress the sign and symptoms of anxiety. They have no side effects and are non-sedative as well.



Gulpy Water Dispenser

If you are out on a picnic or a walk with your dog, all the running will make him thirsty and he will come to you for water. Normally people like to carry a regular plastic bottle for water dispensing but it results in a lot of water waste and the do is unable to quench his thirst. Gulpy Water Dispenser comes with a tray that is attached to the bottle with a hook. All you have to do is to unlock the tray and squeeze water into it which the dog can drink easily. It is a portable tool and can be carried in a bag as well.



Collapsible Food and Water Bowls by Expawlorer

Traveling is easy when you have small luggage but when you carry a pet with you, your luggage will definitely increase. You cannot afford to take big bowls for feeding with you. Collapsible Food and Water Bowls by Expawlorer is your ultimate solution which is made of nylon. They can be taken out, rinsed and then fitted in again; they are durable, portable and sturdy. They can hold up to 4 cups of food, allowing minimum spillage and comfortable eating for the dog.



Vittles Vault Pet Food Travel-trainer Kit

Food is a necessity that has to be carried around while traveling with a pet. It consumes a lot of space so it is handy to carry a food vault that could accommodate a lot of food. Vittles Vault Pet Food Travel-trainer Kit is a food vault with three piece storage and feeding system. You can put food and water in separate compartments. The airtight vault is made of polypropylene and polyethylene. It locks the food odor inside the compartments so the food will be fresh. The C-shaped handle locks the compartments in place and makes it easy to carry around.



Petsfit Collapsible Dog Crate

Your dog will always need a crate or portable home for himself while traveling. Petsfit Collapsible Dog Crate allows having this opportunity with its sturdy metal design which is lined with Oxford fabric and meshing on the inside to provide a cozy and comfortable home for your dog. Dogs tend to feel safe in their crates. It has two doors for entry and exit, is light in weight and foldable as well so it consumes less space and is portable as well.



Doggy Playpen by Fabulous Pet

If you are looking for a crate that can accommodate your pet allowing you to have some space in the room while working, Doggy Playpen by Fabulous Pet is your ultimate choice. It comes with a portable carte that has three mesh openings for proper ventilation. It is lined with oxford cloth and 230D polyester. It comes with a carry bag for storage, is foldable and easily washable as well. It is a must-have tool while traveling.



Coofone Portable Dog Bed

If you are tired of carrying around crates all the time, then you should try the Coofone Portable Dog Bed which is more or less like a mat. It is made of a waterproof material on the outside and fleece on the inside. The outer material keeps the fleece dry. A storage bag comes with it so that you can fold the mat and zip it up in the bag. It is suitable for both outdoor and indoor activities. You can clean it in a machine with a mild detergent. It is a great gear for a pet owner as it saves space.   



Motorola Travel Fence

If you are a pet owner who hates his pet to wander and stray alone, Motorola Travel Fence is your way to go. The gadget comes with a remote sensor that keeps the dog in a sensing zone and doesn’t allow him to stray away. It comes with a collar unit for the dog and a rechargeable battery. It has 4 modes: push-to-talk, tone only, vibration, and 15 levels of static correction. You have to train your dog to respond to these modes. It is a great tool to carry while you are away from home so that you can keep an eye on your pet,



Dog Bath in a Pack

Sometimes while traveling, you might get out of the water and your dog needs water to clean up. This situation can be rested if you are using Dog Bath in a Pack. Wipes that are used to clean the dog’s bottom after pooping, clean his paws and his body after playing to get off mud and dirt. It has no added aromatics, alcohols or any other chemicals. It comes with a conditioner to soothe the skin. You can dispose of them after use.



Kurgo Mud Dog Shower
Price: $11.69
Was: $12.99

Dogs like to play rough and get dirt and mud onto themselves while playing. So there is always a need to wash them up before taking them back home. Kurgo Mud Dog Shower provides a solution to this problem as it can be fitted with regular plastic bottles and you can give a shower to your dog anywhere anytime. It is made of food grade silicone so it is not harmful and is dishwasher safe as well so you can clean it every now and then.



Reusable Puppy Training Pee Pad

If your puppy is not pee-trained, then things could get messier while traveling. No one wants to clean a dog’s mess so it is handy to train your dog to pee at home. Reusable Puppy Training Pee Pad is a great dog car travel solution since they absorb the pee and hold it in until the laundering and washing. Although it is hard to combat the smell of the pee, it is far more convenient than washing up the whole place.



Crazy Dog Owner Book

If you are dog owner who absolutely adores his dog, then Crazy Dog Owner Book is going to be your favorite book while traveling. It is composed of hilariously well and consuming stories that a dog owner can relate himself to. He can learn how much attached he is to his dog and how beautiful and marvelous their relationship is. The book is the best gift that can be given to any dog owner who crazily loves his dog. 



Final Words:

The products given above are an ultimate dog car travel solution that can be your companion on every trip you take with your dog. They are not only economical but easy to use as well. As far as the safety is concerned, all of them are tested and approved and are safer to be used in pets.









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